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Karlyn Simcox (also known by Karl Marx or Karl the Llama) went to Wake Forest in 2014, Duke Marine Lab in 2015, and Duke East in 2016-17, taking Creative Writing, Nearshores and Oceans, Criminal Trial Advocacy, and Political Cultures and Countercultures respectively. She was the co-creator of the shaving party at the Marine Lab, member of the Tumblr Red Potatoes and Mamachelles, and the first owner of the Crown of the Revolución. Her time at TIP was made whole by her PCULT children Sadie, Ani R, Isaiah, Ya Ya, Lily, Eden, Karissa, and Niamh who gave her the title of Duke Mom and made it official with an enormous pin from the campus store. Karlyn is also a very unique individual in that she sparked campus wide debate concerning the morality of putting ice in apple juice and whether or not the second/third year lanyards could be considered yellow for although she has two moms, she can't tell the colors of the rainbow apart. For this reason, she is eternally grateful for Noah Risley and Jack Bryan, the only dads that she will ever need. To make her family complete, Karlyn was married to Lizzie Wright on June 18, 2017 by Ethan before TipSync began, and they both took a significantly large L upon hearing the placing. In leaving TIP behind, she would like everyone to know that the story is only beginning and that you have all shaped her life in ways that even she could not begin to comprehend. And yes, Carl, she is just this darn happy all the time.

Fourth Year Will

I, Karlyn Simcox, of lit mind and litty body, do hereby bequeath the following to: Erin, the Ben and Jerry’s parking lot; Kiri, all of my hugs and attention; Hailey Batista, punk rock signs and my vocabulary; Lara, hip popping basketball shorts; Ani Bryce, justice and the reason for my optimism; Miranda Straubel, tinfoil hats; Bella, my bougie threads; Miranda Hynes, the audience you deserve; Isaiah, iced apple juice; Hailey Maxwell, the ten my Tardis carries along with years you made change for in weeks; Noah Risley, anything it takes to protect me from myself; Dayne, the lucky towel and all it was followed by; Jack, gratitude and a swimming championship; Ya Ya and Lilly, NASHER art reminding me of your colorful presents and futures; Sadie, Robert, Leah, and Ani Russell, my favorite breakfast club and the entirety of my hope for TIP and our world; Matthew, Door Dash; Tupelo, a center of gravity and new nail polish; Don, my future and all I will become; Michelle, third mom status and hope for a follow back; Cassie, smiles that never disappear and a bond sturdier than Pegram bench and words spoken over it; Mac, the beginning, the elevator, the end, and the feeling of falling without fearing the ground; Lizzie, the between, blankets flying just above our heads, and all the love I feel beneath my fingers, between my ears, and in my chest writing this next to you; And finally all of you, the meaning behind my 16 years.