Kat Peppas

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Kat Peppas
Campus(es) KU, Rice, Duke West
Attended 2013-2016
Course(s) Architecture 1, Architecture 2, Abnormal Psychology, Architecture in the Urban Environment
RAG(s) Tiki, Haley, Maggie
Roommate(s) Kris, Jackie, Shruti, Hannah
Social Media

Kat Peppas is a former tipster. She was a fourth year fourth year in 2016 at Rice University. She attended KU first year, Rice second year, Duke West third year, and Rice fourth year.

Most Notably

  • She was the President of Kappa Nu in 2016
  • She was a member of the Fourth Year Star Squad
  • Amazing Cosplayer
  • Was half of QAT (other half: Cat Morrison)
  • Was half of KCAT (other half: Cat Hoff)