Kat Thomson

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Kat was by far the most lit RC ever. She was the wonderful RC for one of the fourth year girl rag at Duke West both terms one and two (but this summary mostly focuses on the term 2 accomplishments). She has a twin which is lit and she allegedly pretended to have a triplet at a different camp. She also enlisted her super lit kids to make a tip wiki for her because she knew that no one could make a better one than us. Kat helped lead a successful group as her rag placed third in the term two lip syncing competition (although with their kick ass dance moves they definitely deserved to get first). She also helped lead the blue team as a whole to a victory in quadfest. Kat is a great person all around who has a kick-butt sense of t-shirt style. She's super sweet and she claims that she is the gossip juice god. She's also hella great at keeping secrets which I know from personal experience is really difficult. Plus when all of the fourth years were down in the dumps about not being able to do paint wars (thanks east) she helped organize tie dying so all of our white shirts didn't go to waste (although they ran out of dye so some people didn't get to do it). She was also the uniter of rags creating a super rag of the fourth year girls rags.