Kate Fultz

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Kate Fultz has attended Davidson (2017) and Duke East (2018 and 2019). Kate has taken Psychology (2017), Philosophy in Literature and Film (2018), and Ethics and the Little White Lie (2019). Kate is known for her love of sprinkles and her friendship bracelets. On one of the first lunches in Ethics, Kate had declared her love of sprinkles and the next lunch she ate many sprinkles straight from a bowl, and later crushed and snorted them. Audrey Goff inspired Kate to start making friendship bracelets so you would often find them both making bracelets in class. Kate roomed with Tyler Ard in 2019 and was part of Hannahs RAG which was on the second and third floor of Alspaugh. Kate is planning on attending East in 2020 for her fourth year.