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Kate Shafer has dual TIP-traditions for the 2009 year, as the SMP and a qualekeeper. she holds Quale the quadwhale with christine delp and becca flank.

Kate also has a tendency to whisper things in your ear...

Kate took PoPoP in 2008 and wrote epically amazing poetry!

She is much beloved by all of her fellow PoPoPers! Especially Marsh who worships her on a daily basis!

She loves her roommate Ray!!


Kate was an RC for the Kitty Kats during Term 1 2012 at Austin College. Kate is the best RC ever... take that everyone. Kate is the momma shark for the Kitty Kats. The Kitty Kats got second place in the TIP amazing race, and won the first annual RooFest at Austin College! Go Blue Team! On the last night Kate received a pizza box signed by the Kitty Kats. The Kitty Kats believed that she is dating one of the fellow RC's at Austin College. Suspect List: 1. Greg 2. Abolonga 3. James 4. Nick 5. Jon 6. Daniel 7. Tajin (NOT BOBBY)... Kate's least favorite word is MOIST!! MOIST!MOIST!MOIST!MOIST!MOIST!MOIST!MOIST!MOIST! We love you Kate!! BEWARE: Kate tends to take 30 minutes to an hour to write something in your term book. We love you Kate!!! The Kitty Kats (Kate's RC Group)

Kate was an RC at Term II Duke West in 2013. As I am not a member of her rag, I merely wish to denote this fact dispassionately. Those so inclined may edit this.