Katherine Sullivan

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Katherine Sullivan is a second year third year from Tallahassee, Florida. She is known for her refusal to cry at all during TiP. And her resent toward cuddling with Olivia at night. Anddd don't forget that all of her ships CRASH AND BURN.

Second Year

She was in Julia's RC group at ASU. They had a strong hate for Mallory's RC group due to their snarky attitudes when they tried to sneak past their LipSync practice to use the bathroom. She took debate and enjoyed the ridiculous inside jokes she had with her class. Her fondest memories of this term were as follows: meeting someone with the same birthday as her, being so tight with her RC group, Learning what TiP was really all about, and making so many good memories with unforgettable people.

Third Year

Katherine attended her third year at UGA. Her roommate was Olivia Mumaugh, and she was also apart of the infamous alliance '1D' made up of Olivia Mumaugh, Haley Davidson, Edythe Heins, and Emma Wagoner. She was apart of Grace's RC group, who were known as Grace's Desperate Divas (Soon to be Grace's Super Sluts). Her favorite memories of this term include the horrible meals with 1D, Mini Grace rants, Highs and Lows, Olivia's constant crying, and all of the memorable times they made together. She would like for it to be noted that even to this day, TiP has not made her cry. DDTTTT During the first RC group night the girls watched 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' which ended in a giant sobfest, but left all the girls reciting the quote "And in that moment I swear we were infinite". Of course Olivia had to go and butcher the quote, but it nonetheless left a huge affect on them. During the last RC group night, they went into town together. As they were running back to Myers later that night they screamed "I feel infinite!" while holding hands. And never in our lives have things ever felt as right as they did in that moment.


Kat/Olivia - Kalivia forever baby. Kalex lives on