Katie’s Black Bean Burgers

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RC Katie only ate Black Bean Burgers throughout her first term as an RC at ASU, as a vegetarian it is very hard to find edible food for her to eat so during one dinner (the first week) she found the beautiful black bean burger, the patty only made from beans and tasted like heaven, she continued to eat it every time they had it out and when they didn’t, she was sad. When the time came to decide an RC group name for Termbook, we (her RC group) decided to name our group after her second favorite thing (we are her first favorite thing), the Black Bean Burger. Now, the 2018 term 1, Katie’s FIRST group ever, will forever be known as Katie’s Black Bean Burgers 🍔

RC Group Night

With Katie, we have had so many adventures on Tuesdays, our RC night out. The first one was spent (at the time) empty King Street, chilling and eating ice cream because all the other stores were closed, the second RC night out, we decided to go to Walmart (had some mishaps RIP Umbrella Rack) and had fun, after we went to cook out and came back late to Cannon Residence Hall ( where 2018 ASU Tipsters were staying at). The final RC Group Night was spent eating Pizza, drinking Butter Beer/Cream Soda, making Wanda and watching Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire (Hogwarts 101 was held as an evening activity but no one in our RC group got that choice so we decided to make our own recreation of Hogwarts 101) while Valerie and Ada were playing an intense game of tag through Cannon.