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Insert non-formatted text hereKatie Tanner is an absolutely fantastic second year third year, as of the summer of 2016.

Abnormal Psychology (Term 1 Duke West 2016) and Psychology (Term 1 Davidson 2015) were both taken by Katie.

At Davidson in 2015, Katie was placed in Shanakay's RC group along with a gang of odd balls and other misfits. Morgen was her roommate. Katie and Morgen had a somewhat strained relationship but managed to make it work.

Katie was in La'mon's RAG during her 2016 term, where she participated in a tipsync of a Bill Nye the Science Guy Techno Remix and was a fiercely proud of her membership of the Red Team at Quadfest. Red team did not come in last, but rather third. At quadfest 2016, Katie and Morgen competed for a position on the frisbee team. Katie surrendered her place for the first game, but aggressively took it back for the championship game.


As a third year fourth year in 2017 at West, Katie (along w her girlie-Q's) ran the frickin camp. They balanced making friends with the RCs with a healthy disrespect. Katie was again in a relationtip with Alex. Team captain of the blue team at Quadfest, she led them to victory. the help of her co-captain, Jake (who was also Alex's roommate), was invaluable. Priceless. oh captain my captain that was a wild quadfest. A geometric outfit that was 100% matchy scrambled he eyes of their opponents! KUH CAW FOR THE HAWK SQUAD AND UNDERSEASONED STEAK! Take flight! Katie got to live in the cave- HH308. RCs didn't ever patrol that hall and the shenanigans the got away with .... don't tell Tim. Katie was also a vital member of the [Fam 3] frisbee team. she caught a pass in the endzone and guarded RC Ana with a fierce outlook. Katie and Simone rarely subbed. Katie wanted to play. Her shoe also fell off a couple times, forcing her to change shoes at the turning point of the game (half time).

Katie also, in her 4th year speech, said that she never had much intention of actually learning at nerd camp and was thankful for her friends. She hen proceeded to take a selfie with the crowd. How tf did her phone not get taken away??