Katie Krysiak

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By Birth Katherine Emily Krysiak

The MemeLord Herself

Katie in simple terms is an entire unit of bruh, and epic gamer. She is your go to for any sort of meme, fortunately enough her main meme platform is,"communism." Do not be frightened or put off by her wide eyed looks, she claims that is normal and we believe her, she is bubbly and sweet and is an amazing friend to have and she will be loyal to you for the rest of your life if you buy her a rotisserie chicken. All in all we believe Katie is a top tier human and she will brighten any situation and we love her chaotic good with all of our hearts.

East 2019 T2

She was in the Class of which served well for her love of memes and communism. She was an essential part of the class and we don't know what to do without her now that camp is over. A very memorable event was the ;last tuesday of the term, she along with Ashley Belcher and Clarissa Worthington had bought a rotissarie chicken(3 in total) and brought them to class, unannounced to the teachers, for the class.it was delicious and it smelled. Class with her was so fun, and we can't wait for more adventures with her:)

    Mother-Clarissa Worthington
    Mother-Annie Franklin
    Grandmother-Thalia Storer
    Aunt-Ashley Belcher
    Uncle-Zack Donovan
    Sister-Ella Allan

Be sure to hit her up if you ever need some memes snapchat-katherinekrysiak insta-katie_krysiak (ps she dosent know i wrote all this stuff and exposed her, don't tell her let her find out for herself, thank you-the boomers)