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(Also Known as the Brotherhood) BACKGROUND: Originally the Diamonds, but changed to the Demons on the second day. Known for yelling "WHERE'S KAYLA" at any and all occasions (and sometimes at random strangers we think are Kayla) and for changing everyone's lockscreen to a corresponding picture. If you find her please call 1(800)THOSESHORTSARETOOSHORT. FAMILY HISTORY: Known as Queen Kayla on the GroupMe, but pApa in the rice dorms (the RC group is mothered by Arman) QUOTES AND NOTICEABLE EVENTS: "I would never." Originally referring to her calling CPS on us.

"I'M GAY KAYLA" Kayla was shocked for a good ten seconds and then went around the table asking who else. After the coming out at dinner we were no longer allowed to play Never Have I Ever.

"BUTTON" Stop cussing! It's a bible word don't at me.

"GOSH DARN DOOR" Emily keeping her panic! at the disco tippropriate.

"IF SHE BREATHES" SHE'S A THOOOTT. Later changed to FRIEND when kayla heard us say it one too many times after the first dance.

"BROOTHHHERR" Heard every day in either the dorms or the eatery whenever a Brother encountered another Brother.

  • Cue Emma playing the wii theme song on the violin *

After one practice too many for tip sync.

"Kayla I'm Straight" (Bre we knew)

Tip Synch (from sarana trying to teach us choreography and failing (although she carried the entire performance later on) to the amazing poster (WE ♡ KAYLA) we should've won tip synch)

"My name is Yazzi B and I can't bend my knees." YAZZI B WAS our favorite celebrity (drop that merch soon)

"May the wrath of hell be upon you." "BS KATHERINE" BS was an intense game to say the least.

"What is UP my dudes." To be said with conviction everytime Yazzi B opens the door to 3D.

"Is this Loss" Carried the green team on the back of the poster during hootfest and yelled by Mira all the time.

"Imma yeet myself off the fifth floor." This is why you're in group therapy. (The counselor was absolute trash.)

"Bet" Emma to everything, but specifically at Fernando on the last night when he said it was almost time to go to bed.