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Keeleigh Jenkins is the undeniably most amazing girl ever. She and Carly Judenberg. Residing in HH140, they were inseparable. The two were like sisters. They are known for "munch and talks". Every night, the two would stay up passed curfew (annoying their RC Vivian), eating and talking. KeeLeigh was always late to curfew because she could be found in the common room, making ramen noodles. She also enjoyed eating cheetos (even if they were stale). KeeLeigh, on their RAG trip to Target, purchased a Wubble Bubble Ball (named Ferdinand Bartholomew Jones the Third). The ball was popped within 24 hours by Miranda. Keeleigh studied primate bio. As she got close with her TA Sam ("hot TA Sam), she created the "#phytingthehaters" pins in response to the "#underseasonedstake" pins. Keeleigh was asked to TiP prom by Sam with a message written on the flap of a potato chip box - which she politely declined. she also has a brief relationTip with mason.