Kelly's KitKats

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Kelly's KitKats were known as the most put-together and mature group in Georgia Tech Term 1 2018. One of the closest groups in the term, and were the only ones on the fourth floor.


  • Victoria - resident tea spiller
  • Grace - most soothing voice
  • Nadia - legit can go MIA just to read a book
  • Emma E. - always is prepared for everything, that mom friend, pillow pet
  • Jessica - actual angel, amazing harmony skills
  • Emily - always wearing a hat and crocs, the ultimate Mushu
  • Erin - legit a princess, always drinking tea, amazing choreographer
  • Elaina - Hype as heck, named her soy sauce after Boo Seungkwan
  • Camille - sings a lot of unique songs, TOTALLY not a cannibal
  • Christy - legit on top of that kpop shit, really consistent with her journal writing
  • Ellie - also always drinking tea, has her life TOGETHER
  • Emma M. - Always just barely on time, has insane Rubiks skillz

Inside Jokes and Stuff

  • Skater boi
  • Sunday Morning Tea and Ramen
  • Love Simmon not playing on the TV during RAG
  • Dragon, not Lizard, I don't do the tongue thing. - Emily


Leaky Celings

During the 2nd week of TiP, Camille and Christy saw that their room had liquid dripping from the AC. Which made their room smell like trash. So the KitKat's RC buddy Cat (It was Kelly's day off) helped move their beds to the common room. Cat told the people on night duty not to patrol on the fourth floor so that the hallway lights could turn off. They never did.

Still Salty About Mulan

For TiP Sync, the KitKats worked their asses off for 5 hours to make complete choreo for the song I'll Make a Man Out of You which then goes into a Rick Roll. The choreo was made by Erin, an incredibly talented dancer. The KitKats lost and did not even place. The winners were: uptown funk which had the same choreo for every single part of the song, a group who just sat in a circle and one girl lipsynced to the cup song (Their cups didn't even make a noise), a group of boys who did shoot the entire time.

2 a.m. Talks

Not all talk go to 2 a.m. But the first ever talk Elaina, Erin, Kelly, Victoria, and Grace talked about deep shit till 2 a.m. The second talk was until midnight and included Camille and Ellie. There have been occasions where certain talks were going to become a 2 a.m. talk but then quickly interrupted. *Cough, Cough* Burnt Popcorn incident of 2018