Kelsey's RC Group

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Term II 2016

Kelsey's RC group in Term II 2016 consisted of:

Lauren: the one who did exercise and always watched what she ate (not in a bad way). according to Adanna (see below), Lauren stole one of her men. She was in Modern Med. Her roommate was Ashley. "My high is living life, as usual."

Adanna: the one who had 8 crushes. nicknames for each one. none of them ended up liking her back. She is a dank meme, according to herself. She was in Algebra II. "I AM a dank meme." Her roommate was Sholape.

Kaylee: the one that won the national championships in volleyball. She was in Bio Chem. "*blank*" (I can't think of one) Her roommate was Liwen.

Liwen: the one that seemed quiet. She could surprise you with the random things she said, She was one of the sweetest people ever. She was in Math Problem Solving. Her roommate was Kaylee. "I kissed Emily." *yelling* "Just kidding."

Emily: the one that hid from the world. She always went under Kelsey's desks, chairs and bed during RC meetings. She could never come up with a high for the day. She was in Psychology. Her roommate was Angela. "Skip."

Angela: the one obsessed with Hamilton. Hamilton trash right here. Emily will probably not be able to live without her. She was in Mock Trial. Her roommate was Emily. "When they started playing that song, I screamed."

Sholape: the one obsessed with Troye Sivan. if you like Troye Sivan, you can be her friend. She was in Psychology. Her roommate was Adanna. "Can we put Troye Sivan on the term book page?"

Ashley: the one that'll give you a peace sign. She'll hug anyone. She was in Speculative Fiction. Her roommate was Lauren. "Come back babe." *directed at Angela when she left, jokingly.*

Tina: the one that moved from another group. She texted Emily's dad. She was in Psychology. Her roommate was Christine (until she left.) "My high was not having a roommate for most of the term."

Christine: the one that left suddenly. at the end of the second week, Christine went home. She was in Modern Med. Her roommate was Tina. (I don't have one for Christine)

Faith: the one that only came for thirty minutes. Faith looked around and then she had to leave. No one got to meet her. Her roommate was supposed to be Christine. (Nope)