Kenny's fan club

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Kenny specifically told me he did not want me to create this article, so naturally, I created it anyway. Perhaps having a bunch of 2nd year boys obsessed with him is embarrassing?

Kenny's fan club was a group of 2nd year boys who worshipped Kenny Yin, a 3rd year 4th year, during Georgia Tech 2014 term I. Exactly why they worshipped Kenny is unknown: WE WORSHIPPED HIM BECAUSE OF HIS GODLINESS, HIS ABS OF STEEL, HIS EPIC CHILLNESS, HIS ABILITY TO BEAT ANYONE UP IF HE WANTED TO, OTHER REASONS MAY NOT BE SAID., but he was known for a few things, including:

  • Awesome break-dancing skills
  • Being really strong
  • Working out
  • Lifting chairs in class since he didn't have access to weights (these became known as Kenny-ups, see below)
  • Begging his TA for Starbucks every day during break
  • Going to Starbucks anyway even when his TA said no
  • A huge ego
  • Messing with girl's emotions
  • Stabbing himself in the eye during dizzybat at Swarmfest and proceeding to sprint in the complete opposite direction of the finish line

Kenny's fan club created a few notable sayings based on him. One was "Kenny is love, Kenny is life." Another was the phrase "Kenny-ups". However, nobody, including Kenny, knew what these were. So his Genetics class decided to give the term a definition while he was lifting chairs for like the third time. KENNY UPS ARE WHEN YOU GET A CHAIR PUT IT NEXT TO THE AC SIDEWAYS AND PUT YOUR LEGS ON THE AC AND GO ALL THE WAY DOWN(LEAN BACK) ON THE CHAIR AND ALL THE WAY BACK UP LIFTING WEIGHTS.

The fan club was mostly made up of 2nd year boys from the Green Technology class, including Richard and Shiva. Andrew is in another class.