Kentucky at DUML

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At DUML, many states are represented but in the 2018 term at DUML many people were very comfused about the concept of Kentucky being an actual state where people did normal things. Only 4 Kentuckians we’re representing the state that year: Charlotte, Beth, Will (also known as Willard), and Shannon. Shannon basically didn’t even count as a Kentuckian as she did not have an accent and never did anything even remotely country (nobody even knew where she lived till after TIP). Beth and Charlotte tried to defend their beloved, beautiful bluegrass state from all the hatred that came it’s way, but it was a tough job, The biggest hater towards the state was Connor closely followed by Andrew who led the chant of “Kentucky sucks” as a picture was taken during a field trip: Many people were confused on the fact that Kentuckians did normal, every day things in Kentucky as everyone else does in every other state. Questions were asked like, “What do you guys do for fun?” and “Is there even anything in Kentucky?” and while there aren’t many cities we have our fair share of attractions but most are centered around Lexington or Louisville. Shannon made it clear to her class though that there were two types of Kentucky: coal Kentucky and horse Kentucky.
Everyone at the campus that year were representatives of horse Kentucky so no one got to experience the Turtle Man side of the state. Charlotte and Beth tried to build on the hate of the state by making light of it by wearing overalls for twin day which made many people especially Connor sigh in exasperation of the act. Willard was not as emotionally attached to the state itself but the team, the Kentucky Wildcats (GO UK). He always wore his Kentucky hat and multiple shirts and shorts all the time. When a comment was made by Charlotte about the sadness of not knowingly Willard was coming so he could’ve twinned with the girls in their overalls he replied with a hard no. When asked why by the two girls he simply stated, “I want to represent my state well.” Andrew even left in his will Kentucky pride to Willard because he didn’t have any. 
Steps are still being taken by the two girls to convince Tipsters Kentucky is not a hillbilly state and is truly beautiful. Connor will come to the state one day and see for himself we have lakes bigger than his puny ponds!!!