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The killer-ripski is a Frisbee thrown underhand with extreme force. Invented in Term II of Trinity University 2016 by Justin Li(OGDaddySenpai), it was inspired by when an instructor, Aaron(Art and Tech), came along and threw a beautifully clean underhand throw. Afterwards,Justin attempted failingly to throw like Aaron did, but with excessive strength. Naming it affectionately after his TA, Stewart Subjinski's catchphrase(along with his many others)-"Throw me a ripski, bruh!", Justin added the word "killer" in front of it due to his lack of control when it came to the throw and the brute force put behind it. A day later, however, Justin was throwing a Frisbee during his evening activity, Recess, when Aaron stumbled across him. They threw the Frisbee back in forth in peace for a while, until Aaron started pointing out the flaws in Justin's killer-ripski form. After 30 min. of rigorous training, Justin finally perfected the killer-ripski, turning it into a symbol of fear amongst the TIPsters in his class(reasonably so, he'd nearly decapitated quite a few people).