King Beardly

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So let me tell you a story of how the great King Beardly came to be...Just minding his business a guy named Beardly went to Tip but skipped his first year.Anyhow he went for the experience and found himself making a TiPdition. This Beardly guy had an insanely cool beard. Then thought why not shave my beard and confuse everybody. Normally when the shaving occurs the new King's best friend will usher and protect while the shaving process continues and usually there is a crowd outside awaiting the freshly cut King. So every year someone must grow a lumberjack beard before going to Tip. This will cause everyone to confuse him for an R.C. Then on the second Monday the person with the beard must shave it and become the next-generation of King Beardly. (This particular case started at A&M then went to Rice to keep the Tipdition alive. )