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Knox, sometimes referred to as "Fort Knox", is one of the dorms Down the Hill. During Term II 2004, it housed 3 boys' halls and 1 girls' hall, making things very entertaining. The RC of the girls' hall, Emily, gained infamy with the boys of Ken "Special K"'s RC group* on the adjoining hall.

Emily, a Davidson student, once told her RC group that Knox smells funny because it's where all the boozers live during the school year.

Knox was home to TED. Yes, THE TED.

There was quite a fiasco involving Axe body spray the 2nd week of Term II 2004. Some guys sprayed so much Axe in the stairwell leading to the girls' hall that the fire alarm went off. The girls did not appreciate it very much, either.

On the last night of Term II 2004, 3 of the girls from Emily's RC group - Jeannette Moon, Ariel Papermaster, and Caro Ragolta - slept in the telephone room, located on the boys' hall.

  • The author recalls RAGs being referred to as "RC groups" or simply "halls" at Davidson.