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Kunja is a supernatural entity conceived by the "From Wonderland to Hogwarts" class of ASU Term 1 2015. Kunja is depicted as a large black beast with ramlike horns and a skull face. He is derived from a game called "Bunny-Bunny," in which players stand in a circle and create a rhythm with various chants, passing the 'bunny' to one another. The two players on either side of the bunny wave their arms and say 'TOOKI-TOOKI,' and players that are not currently holding the bunny or beside the bunny chant 'Kunja' ominously. Players that drop the pattern are out, and must dance around the circle while wailing.

This game was played twice on the quad behind the dining hall. One of the students brought face paint sticks, and drew 'sacrificial markings' on the faces of the other players.