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Kyla is sassy, salty TIPster from Trinity University, Term 1 in 2016. She was in Erin's RC group and took Creative Writing.

Kyla coined the nickname "the salt queen" for three reasons. 1: her sarcasm and sassiness was TOO MUCH TO HANDLE 2: she would assist the Creative Writing table in drawing salt pentagrams 3: she contributed heavily to the sin cup, a cup at the creative writing table that where people deposited salt whenever they said something sinful.

Kyla also was the mother/storyteller in the My Immortal Support Group, a fanfiction-reading posse that would come together during their free time in the second floor lounge and listen to the critically-acclaimed fic "My Immortal." Other notable members of the "My Immortal Support Group" included Carson, Cassie, Celine, Brenna, Rowan, Aadhya, Ameena, Kennedy, and Amanda.

She also introduced the creative writing class to a certain someone's poetry, which soon became a huge in-joke of the creative writing class. We can thank Kyla for that.

Kyla became friends with Ameena on the first day, even though they had both admittedly thought each other's icebreaker questions were very, very stupid. They got past that and had a very scientific friendship.

I would include a "Notable quotes" section, but many of Kyla's quotes belonged in the Sin Cup. I can name one modified one: "Everything is going great...OH GOSH DARN IT."

In short, Kyla may be a storytelling and writing prodigy, but she is definitely getting a degree in science.