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What it is

Jake Speller was desperately in love with Laura Lee Johnson over the course of Term 1 Davidson 2012. It is true that Jake is very open about his feeling for said female TiPster but Laura Lee, although rumored to have had secret feelings for him, never returned his feelings. She often referred to him as "annoying", which was true. It was, in truth, a one-sided relationship on Jake's part that became a joke throughout Mock Trial Term 1 Davidson 2012.

How it Started

When Laura Lee and Jake first met in Mock Trial Term I at Davidson Campus, it was love pretty quickly for Jake. He liked Alex Tummon for the first weeks but soon got over the feelings as he and Laura Lee started to form a friendship. He said nothing of his feelings, and Laura Lee knew nothing of them. In fact, she barely spoke to him, although she often heard how hard to deal with he was. Then, for their last project, Jake asked to be partnered with Laura Lee for the trial. This was because he did not want to be with Ashwin Kanaru, who Bella Allen immediately wanted as her partner, as they were in a group of four, which had to split into two. This was Jake's secret way in, as he believed, but he would later find that the relationtip would never manifest, and would remain a dream in his eyes for eternity.

The Rejection

During their work on the trial, Laura Lee began to speak to her other friend, Colin Bronack, about his endeavors with females at TiP. Somehow, the topic of Jake's affections came up, and he admitted that he liked Laura Lee, although Jana (roommate of Bella Allen), was also a backfall option. Laura Lee immediately told him this was a bad idea for him to like her, and that she did not return these feelings. It was awkward for all parties throughout the duration of the trial, as Jake continued to act creepy and affectionate towards Laura Lee.

Jake Duty

While talking to a member of Jake’s RC group, Colin Bronak, Laura Lee was informed of the punishment that one had to endure if you broke a rule in Jake’s RC group. Instead of going to bed early, you would have to endure “Jake Duty,” in other words you had to sit in the basement with Jake and make sure he did not leave the level. She then began to refer to her time with Jake as Jake Duty. This was made even more difficult for her after a member of Jake's RC group added mello yello to Jake's drink. This was disastrous as Jake tended to explode at the mere mention of sugar or caffeine.

The End

"The End" of this non-relationTiP occured at the end of TiP 2012. Jake then got over his feelings for Laura Lee, moving on, again, to Alex Tummon, who he had feelings for the next year. Both parties involved regret that Jake ever had feelings for Laura Lee, and do not like to discuss the matter at all. It is notable, however, that the reason Jake probably fell for Laura Lee was because she was quoted "the prettiest girl at Davidson" by Hammie, and wore cute high waisted shorts, which were deemed adorable by all.