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This is a relationtip turned relationship.

East Term I 2013

At East Term I 2013, Laura Lee Johnson and Matthew Menzel were the most awkward,, yet most attractive couple that year. On the first day, Laurel and her friend Bella Allen introduced themselves. Later that night, Bella, Laurel, and another friend Ally Divito gossiped about Matt's supposed attractiveness. Ironically, Laura Lee was not very interested at first. She said he was "decent." Matt wanted to ask Laura Lee to the first dance, but he was too shy and awkward. Meanwhile, many people, including, but not limited to, Ally Divito, Jeffery Horn, Isaac E., and Bella Allen were in love with Matt. Laura Lee also had an admirer, Daniel Bodea. She was considering going out with him as a last resort before she met Matt. Laura Lee and Matt met through another couple, Ariel Wexler and Jason Ly. They bonded because they prounounced L-O-L like "lol" instead of "el-o-el." Colin Bronack can be attributed to helping the relationship happen, since he apparently made fun of Matt for being a pussy about asking Laurel out until he did it. They went to the last dance together. Even though they met in the last week of TiP, Laura Lee and Matt are still together as of 7/27/14. They were quoted as being most likely to have "the most awkward yet attractive children to ever walk the planet." by Isaac at TIP 2013.

2013-2014 School Year

Laura Lee and Matt managed to keep their relationtip intact even though they couldn't see each other until Spring Break 2014. During Spring Break, Laurel visited Matt and they went to the beach and the zoo together. Their parents approve.

East Term I 2014

Laura Lee and Matt are still together at East, their relationtip is still going strong. Many are impressed with their ability to stay together for so long. Laurel's "in 20 years" superlative at East this year as voted by Sydney's rag was "most likely to be happily married to Matt with three children" who's names all begin with Matt, although they kept it relatively secret in the actual termbook. They're actually intensely adorable and many consider them a power couple equivalent to kim and kanye or jay z and beyonce.

After East 2014

Shortly after the term ended and their one year anniversary passed, Laura Lee and Matt broke it off, tragically. After this Matt seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth and did not return to TIP. Laura Lee was also unable to attend TIP for her fourth year for unrelated reasons but still keeps in touch with her many true tip friends. No one truly knows who or what Matt is doing now, his feelings, or if he has moved on, as mentioned above; however, it has been confirmed that Laura Lee has moved on, though Matt will always remain deep in her soul.