Laurel Crosby

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Laurel Crosby was the TA for Mind and Manipulation. She was also an RC in 2007. However, Laurel is most known for stealing the Llama, which as all TiPsters know, is an act of blasphemy. Laurel then partook in creating one of the sickest videos on the planet, Llama's Llast Llaugh. In this horrible video, Laurel helps to hold down the Llama as an accomplice saws off the Llama's ear. Laurel did give the Llama back [although it was earless] at the last dance. Although her help in the kidnap and assault of the Llama was a bad display of character, Laurel does seem somewhat remorseful for her actions, and many TiPsters agree that she is a good person who simply got stuck in the wrong crowd.

She was also the TA for Happily Ever After: the Philosophy and Literature of Love in 2009. She tricked the TiPsters in her class into believing that they hadn't read her poetry, only to reveal that they had read five of her poems. The poems were gorgeous.

Laurel Crosby is also a God, and should be thougth of as such. Everything she does is win. Especially sawing off the llama's ear. Have you read her poetry? IT'S AMAZING