Lefty's Eyebrows

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Lefty, also known as Jayan (do not call him this though) is a student of the Algebra II class from The Term Two session at Trinity University. He is known for his Indian accent, being from India, his eyebrow game (bless up) and, of course, his use of his left hand.

The Eyebrows™

Lefty's Eyebrows are proof that, in fact, God is real. Laying on the top of Lefty's brain at 3 inches and growing, the dark brown, luscious, flowing locs of eyebrows are primed to perfection. They will slay you out of your very existence, mind you. His eyebrows do car commercials. In japan. John Stamos saw his eyebrows on a plane. And he said they were pretty. His eyebrows punched me in the face once. It was "awesome."