Lenora's Menorah's

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At Term 2, West Campus 2005, this was Lenora's RAG of 3rd year girls.

After much thought and deliberation, the Menorahs discovered that nothing rhymed with their Lenora's name...except Menorah.

The Menorahs, as appearing on the RAG shirt, are as follows:

  • 1. Angela "Animated Lizzie McGuire" Liu (who probably could have gotten a better, more fitting nickname if the menorahs had thought about it a little more)
  • 2. Lauren "Gothic Barbie" Marussich (who, might I add, has no idea why she got that nickname because she is not at all gothic)
  • 3. Hana "Buzz Lightyear" Princip
  • 4. Sam "Lumiere" Owens
  • 5. Amy "Piglet" Cordell
  • 6. Kelci "Eeyore" Harris
  • 7. Andi "Pocahontas" Folds (who so looks just like a Native American)
  • 8. Sarah "Belle" Holland
  • 9. Jenna "Aurora" Davis
  • 10. Claire "Ariel" Cole
  • 11. Elizabeth "J-Lo" Sugg
  • 12. Rita "Snape" Patel
  • 13. Lenora "Steve Irwin" Simpson.

Lenora's Menorahs were characterized by their love of disney songs, 90s boy bands, the OC (well mainly a few certain members...), outer space (mainly just one certain member), and serenades from the Tsars of no pants.