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Leo entering the fountain with Xander
Campus(es) KU,Austin,Rice
Attended 2013,2014,2015,2016
Course(s) Intro to Medical Science(KU),Psychology(Austin),Cold War(Rice),Engineering Problem Solving(Rice)
RAG(s) Engineering Squad,The Basement Club
Roommate(s) Ryan/Phillip/Ian(2016)
Social Media


Leonardo Leon(or just Leo) is a fourth year that had attended Rice Term 2 in 2016. His previous campus locations were KU(1st/2013),Austin College(2nd/2014), and Rice Term 2(3rd/2015). Although he wasn't super popular, he was befriended by many.Some major claims of fame include:Witnessing the birth of Big Texas,drawing Doodlebob on the 4rd floor hallway, and doing the rowboat act with Spenceeer(with an extra er).

Notable Moments of his Career

♠Doughnut Eater(2013)

   One night,Leo stayed up late at night playing video games.He got hungry so he decided to eat some of his roommate's(Brandon) doughnuts. He lost count and ate all of them.Brandon got pissed but after 3 years, forgave him.

♠Co-Inventor of Shrekergy(2014)

   By accident, Matthew invented the foundation of Shrekergy by mixing OJ and blue power-aid together.Chase,Ethan, and Leo soon perfected the formula for maximum energy and taste. To make it, one must get a cup;half OJ,half blue power-aid.

♠Dank Memer(2015)

   At Sid Hall, Drew W. helped start a calendar with a twist.It was a "Pepe of the Day" calendar in which whoever woke up first would draw a pepe. It went well and Leo contributed 2 pepes until the whole calendar was destroyed by a meme hater. 

♠A Founding Father of Big Texas(2016)

   Leo was at the HMNS with Erick Velarde to support and witness the purchase of Big Texas. He also encouraged and enforced the Big Texas joke.Leo has also taken a "scandalous" pic with Big Texas, which he later got roasted for by Adill. At the end of the term, Leo signed his name on Big Texas to start the tradition of passing down Big Texas.

♠The Doodling of Doodlebob(2016)

   Leo was also friends with Other Zane at Rice. Leo was moved by Zane's "hoy minoy" and this inspiration prompted him to draw Doodlebob on the 4th floor concrete with chalk.In his masterpiece ,he drew Doodlebob holding Big Texas.A few were not appreciative of his work, as Jacobs frowned upon the doodle.

♠The S.S.Khanole(2016)

   During Hanging with Holden, Leo went to go help Liz make decorations for the second dance.He teamed up with Simon,Jack,and Noah to create a cardboard boat,named the S.S Khanole. The boat itself was pretty small and red. After the completion of construction, the squad put the boat on a cart and got on it to stunt/flex on everyone even though the boat itself was pretty bad.It was still lit doe.

♠Performer of the "Rowboat"(2016)

   During the Talent Show, Leo was one of the rowers in the rowboat act with Zach. For approximately 2 minutes, the group and him rowed without any music or lines to waste time. Unfortunately, someone informed the RCs about their intentions and soon they were kicked before they could actually cause delays.

♠Blacklisted from Rice Domino's(2016)

   During Hanging with Holden 2.0,Leo tried to order some pizza to eat. He first ordered on his phone but he missed the pick-up call so the delivery man left. He later borrowed Vincent(the Savage)'s phone to order it. Vincent then answered the delivery guys pick-up call and said,"I didn't order any goddamn pizza!" and hung up. So Leo ordered a third time, this time online and he checked on his order after 10 minutes to see that Domino's canceled his order. He realized he was now blacklisted

♠The memeing of Alex Avram(2016)

   Leo was informed by a friend that Alex made his girlfriend throw away all the synthetic pillows she bought at the store because Alex doesn't like how they make his head hot at night. This tale motivated him to get a photo of him smiling with a stare and caption it,"When your girlfriend buys you synthetic pillows". Soon, everyone had the meme and teased Alex in Engineering Problem Solving.


   When Leo introduced himself in class, he discussed about a chameleon he had as a pet. As he put it,"I had a chameleon but he died. Soooo RIP." His catch phrase became somewhat relevant to others and it somewhat caught on. Definitely popular in Engineering Prob Solv.


Leo wasn't a major lady killer. Although, he danced with legendary model Rebekah Verghese in the 3rd dance. It can't be confirmed that a relationship would develop because of the dance.

Leo's 4th year Will

"If you are reading this,it is because I,Leonardo Leon,have completed four years at TIP and now I shall pass.To the following,I leave thy gifts:To Eric,a brand new Big Texas.To Coach,a mic.To Matthew,a deck of cards.To Connor,a dab.To James,a Ditto.To Liam,a new Liamborghini.To Stephen W,a Frisbee.To Jack,a big Kanolee.To Michael,a soccer ball.To Diego,a better room.To Richard,better piano skills and a maybe.To Khoji,a foosball table.To Chance,a rocking bod.To Tristan,two space credits.To Zane,some Gucci shoes.To Xander,Trigga Trey's pics.To Alex,more hopps and my good looks.To Simon,I leave the S.S Khanole,and to those I left out, I leave thee my friendship. "

Fun Facts

♠He almost got kicked out of TIP

♠Lives in Houston

♠Always wore pants;never shorts

♠Future 5th year ;)