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Leta Branham

Leta Branham. She will tell you to shush when you aren't talking. She will eat your food. She will get on your last nerve. She will be your best friend and when you hug her, you never want to let go.She eats blue waffles of her belly like an otter.This vegetarian will always be my friend. I love her. she also enjoys sitting alone in a corner reading urban dictionary. Leta is also known for her cool story telling, one of her classics being how she new the code to her pool and snuck in at two in the morning like a bad ass. one of her newer stories involves her anti-fetish of feet. at a party with her friends. her friend and i think her friends brother and may be her friends brothers cousin. and i think her friends brothers cusins friend. they were having fun and decided to go sit out by the pool, you know cuz its like hot in texas any way so they were sitting at the pool and she was next to her friend, no wait she was next to her friends brother, or was it her friends brothers cuzin. no it went leta, friends brothers cuzin, friend, friends brother. yeah thats rite. ok so yeah her friends brothers cuzin started to play foostie with her (now heres the best part) so she got up and moved. haha i <3 u leta (: ohh also if dont give her a pizza party cuz she wont be able to sleep, you know cuz they get kinda wild and a lot of times there is soda and u know caffine and all that good stuff shell be bouncing off the wals. (: still <3 u leta.

Leta is a funny girl that will somehow be louder than everyone else in the room and tell you to be quiet, but it's fine because it's Leta, and who doesn't love Leta?

I love her thumbs ... theyre so cute haha. I love you Leta<3. -Cameron

Leta is one of the few pretty girls who aren't assholes.