Lexi and Hayley

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[1]A pair of fourth-year roommates in Michelle's RAG at Duke East Term 2 in 2012 who were deemed Blonde and Blonder.

Lexi Stewart was the Sexy Mama of this term and could frequently be found hanging around Emily Bergquist, the llama mama, Maggie Player, Hayley Cooper, Savannah Seiler, and Samir Gadre. She was a 4th year 4th year, spending her first summer at Davidson and moving to Duke East for the rest. She performed in a group at TiPsync, singing "What Makes You Beautiful," and took first place, with the help of her amazing boy band dance moves. Lexi also took part in the fourth year productions of "Home" and "Doctor, Doctor" at the talent show on the last night of TiP. Lexi also forced Hayley to listen to catchy pop music every morning, which caused Hayley immense amounts of pain (Hayley later admitted to liking the music by the end of the 3rd week. Lexi was basically the coolest friend, brother, and roommate one could ever ask for.

Hayley Stueber spent one term at Texas A&M Term 1 in 2011 before making the tough decision (but good one) to switch to Duke East for her final year. She was in Criminal Minds, in which she was voted "Most Likely to Practice Police Brutality" after one of her incidents of beating up Brian. In her RAG, she was known as the Prairie Dog, as that spirit animal seemed to fit her perfectly. This was also the name inscribed on her Laser Dragons shirt for the student-staff ultimate game. Her extreme hair dying incident of 2012 took place this year, this time with semi-permanent blue dye, which was slightly more extreme than the temporary black from the extreme hair dying incident the year prior. Hayley was head groupie for the boy band, Actual Size in TiPsync and also participated in the "Home" and "Doctor, Doctor" acts in the talent show. Hayley is referred to as one of the best roommates Lexi ever had. Ever.

Inside Jokes - Hey guys, I'm a chain smoker. - Do you think I'm gaining weight in my thighs? - He didn't call anyone else 31! He totally wants me. - Control thy limbs. Thy limbs shalt be controlled. - Aaaaaand none for Hayley Stueber. - What's a pedophile's favorite part of a hockey game? - Did you ever see "This Means War?" - William Williamson the Third