List of Fabled Military Strategy Countries

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Conglomerate of Korea

Up Korea

Shown to the rest of the world by the great messenger, Jaxter Kim, Up Korea is a fantastical place that people of all ages wish they could be, sort of like Disneyland. It consists of multiple large residential areas on a large flying triangular platform. This platform is powered by brainwave energy generated by the millions and millions of Starcraft players in this flying country. Children of Up Korea are thrown off of the ship in the yearly "Throw Children off of the Ship" ritual, where they learn to use their fingers to fly. Like hummingbirds, their fingers allow them to gracefully float due to their high vibrations. Because of this illusion, it was once thought that children had wings. This seems cruel, but it pays off when the child begins to learn Starcraft. Children unfit to play, however, fall into North Korea due to their lack of finger speed. Their relationship with other countries was minimal, only stealing food from North Korea every few days.

Down Korea

A set of underground cities connected by tunnels. Very primitive, but strong in military strength. The help they get from the rest of the Great Conglomerate is more than enough to defeat the giant grasshoppers living underground, as well as Chisrael. They're not that primitive, though.

East Korea

Have you ever heard of Atlantis? if you say "Atlantis" enough, it starts to sound like "East Korea". Try it sometime. I bet you just tried it and you feel stupid now. Its OK, I tried it too. Anyway, East Korea is Atlantis.

West Korea

The great nation of West Korea has discovered how to make their country invisible and look like water. People who escape North Korea into China actually mostly escape through West Korea. It sorta looks like a shark.


The Glorious People's Republic of Chisrael was the greatest and most powerful nation at TAMU Term 2 2012.

Here are a few stats, brought to you by Nick Pierce, Chisrael's (fully-elected) Glorious Leader!

  • Population: 540,000,000,000
  • Land Size: 300,000^10 km (which is 1.157823529e+46 times the size of the Earth's surface)
  • Awesomeness: 9001
  • Avg. Volunteer Laborer Lifespan: 4 1/2 days

Chisrael originally was a nation that had the size of Russia, the population of China, and the military discipline of Israel, hence the name, Chisrael. Over the course of the term, Chisrael gained quite a following, and the war game that Military Strategy was playing seemed very enticing. Eventually, Chisrael did indeed join the war game, but the TA of that class, Tim, went insane upon reading the order to put Chisrael into the game,and gave himself infinite nukes. He then proceeded to nuke Chisrael, but only minor losses were incurred, a meager twelve billion.

Chisrael is located underground, all across the globe, and the entrances are closely guarded, lest the grasshoppers should escape and destroy the Earth once again. The war grasshoppers and war moles of the Chiraelis are well known to have played a part in the destruction of Paris, France, and 2012 was predicted as when the Chisraelis would return to rule the dirty aboveground peasants once again.

The Chisraeli salute is just to make a 'C' with your right hand, and raise it into the air.


United States of Fuck Yea. Known for its distinctive chant. The chant could be heard throughout the halls at TAMU Term 2 2012. Dominated all other countries *cough* Chisreal *cough* Up Korea *cough* anything else. Created by Lenin Lopez and Kealind Trent. Co-founders---Bernardo and Fermin. The best country ever.