Liz Esan

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Liz Esan is the holder of the Noah C. Cornelius Sweatband. She is known for being super nice and mingling with everyone she possibly can. She took Macroeconomics at East during Term 1 of 2018 and took Ethics and the Little White Lie at East Term 1 of 2019. Liz is known in Ethics for her many quotes about babies including "Your mom is an Alaskan baby?". Liz was easy to identify during term 1 of 2019 because her name was on a yellow anklet. Whenever someone would ask her what her name was she would happily reply, “Liz; it’s on my ankle!” She is a really great person and she wants to meet everyone she can so if you ever see her you should definitely say hi to her. Don't judge her, she's Irish.