Liz Spencer

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Liz Spencer was a 2nd Year 2nd Year at Duke West campus. She just returned from her second term yesterday and is now at home in Newport News, VA.

Liz was unlike most other TIPsters as she did not really fit social norms. Now you may be thinking, TIPsters and social norms aren't really a thing to begin with but this girl went totally overboard. Liz was around 5 foot 2" (sorry if that's wrong) always wore her Fedora and had short brown shoulder length hair. She was weird, but weird in a TIPster way, friendly, cared little about personnal space, energetic, and gave 0 f*cks about the rules. I doubt that her outfit changed at all for Hipster TIPster Thursday. She could often be seen hanging out in one of the alcoves of 3rd floor L with her friend and occasional armrest/pillow/co-conspirator Alexander Denisowski, as well as an assortment of other people. Believe me, if you were looking for a great place to hang out, with abundant inside jokes, and no regard for the rules that govern human society, that alcove was the place to go.

She was an avid guitar player and would often let no one else play or even touch her little baby ;). For the talent show she preformed "House of Gold" to a round of applause due to her amazing rendition of it. In fact if you were to wander by the L alcove you could hear indie music on occasion accompanied by an amazing singing voice.

Her relationtips include Mayo (Michael) during the first 2 weeks and Clay during the last week.

She will most likely be coming back next year for TIP at West as a 3rd year.

~Yours truly, the man with the silkiest hair on the planet