Lucie House

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Lucie House was the academic coordinator at Trinity. Lucie was awesome. End of discussion. She is tied with Taylor for the coolest and most awesome person there. Lucie would make rounds and visited every class at least once or twice a week. She also participated in the onsite events, such as Tournament and Tigerfest, where she was on the "orange team" with Burger Ben and Gabe. Lucie also went to the dances- but only until around 8 or 8:30 because she went to bed at either 8:30 on weekdays or 9 on weekends, but she referred to it as "jammy time"- and one time at the second dance, a tipster did the worm to show off. Lucie then retaliated by also doing the worm and then getting up in the tipsters to rub in his face that she could also do the worm. And then she would dance and it was quite funny-especially when Maya, Burger Ben, and Gabe joined her. Lucie has been described by one person as "a 13 year old trapped in a 25 year old's body." It is very true and many people have agreed with this statement. Lucie was also a cheerleader for a few tipsters who needed cheering on. When she saw one of the tipsters she cheered for she would yell, "Go ______________!" and she would always talk to them and be very nice and supportive. Just don't invite her to come watch volleyball, because you might end up accidentally hitting a dog when you serve. And Lucie will freak out, like start screaming when the dog is hit and then not talking to you for the rest of that day and all of the next day. But overall, Lucie was and IS just awesome.