Lucretia's Lil Beyonces

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Lucretia's Letter

All the girls in her rag received one of these letters upon their arrival at TiP: “Ladies, welcome to Brown Hall @ Duke East Campus! My name is Lucretia (Pronounced La-Cre-Sha). I will be your RC this year. I am extremely excited to be here with you all this summer and will do everything within my power to ensure that each of you have the best summer yet! We will learn a lot about each other but more importantly we will learn from each other. Work with me ladies, respect on another; it will prepare you for college and for your future! Good luck, Lucretia...”

The members of the Lil' Beyonces (Lucretia's rag) certainly did lear a lot about/from each other. Mainly TWERKING, how to do trashy makeup and hair, how to rock a TiPsync, how to kill cockroaches with a brick, how to release your inner sassy black woman, how to cram as much sketchy mexican food down your throat as possible, and most importantly how to be trashy in a semi-TiProriate way (not really).

Rag Nights

Rag nights were generally spent on ninth street where the girls would eat as much mexican food as possible (COSMICS and chubby's a.k.a heaven on earth), going to both Francesca's and ben and jerry's, staring at cute boys (much to the dismay of their fathers), and almost breaking into Vaguely Reminiscent for their amazing shoes. All in all it was a very good time and the girls will never be forgotten, as they immortalized their presence on the wall outside the cosmic cantina.


The Lil'l beyonces performed the song “Bellas Finals” from the movie Pitch Perfect. The performance came off slightly trashier than the girls had initially anticipated with the advent of glittery smoky eyes, red lipstick, and Snookie poofs. It must be said that it was excellently choreographed by Elizabeth in the hot and steamy third floor common room of Brown. Let's just say it was pretty freakin AMAZING!!!!! The performance earned them a spot in the dance-off vs. the Chess Club (fourth year boys in short shorts). At this stage in the competition the girls danced to Beyonce's “Single Ladies”, but ultimately settled for second place (the booty shaking short shorts were pretty fantastic). This is where the term lil' Beyonces and the rag slogan, “don't you forget about me” originated.

Legend of the Hidden Tipster

They did a group twerk in front of the market place steps. What more can be said?

Rag Members

  • Bailey-best twerking teacher. Co-owner of Jorge. Most likely to do the spider man and get half the camp to do it with her. Awesome chipmunk voice and amazing performance in the talent show (which was dedicated to her rag!!!!).
  • Angelina-A martial arts master (krav maga- an Israeli martial art)! Co-owner of Jorge. Had awesome hats. Secretly bat man. Amazingly adorable chipmunk voice (also a participant in the talent show performance). Had awesome dance moves. Pretty much the coolest person you will ever meet. Ever.
  • Sonia-Crazy dance moves (most notably two stepping and the deodorant dance). The Judges at TiPsync commented on her rather dynamic range of facial expressions. Could live in the Cosmic Cantina and will probably die wearing a shirt from Chubby's (if they ever restock!). Has swag according to her rag (heh that rhymed).
  • Yasmine- Super awesome, and creepy at the same time. Adamant lover/stalker of Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Lou. Receiver of brotherly pecks, had amazing popcorn in her room at all times. Major night owl. Went kinda crazy when she drank coffee. Had perfectly straight hair (which many girls were jealous of) and had an arsenal of eyelash curlers.
  • Sydney-amazing eye makeup. Dead panning comebacks. No no-nonsense type of person. Extremely strange sense of humor (which was hilarious). Great laugh that made everyone else laugh. Great one liners.
  • Beatriz- Super chill. Had a lot of interesting stories to tell. Had many real lyfe experiences. Liked chunky monkey at ben and jerry's. Was the most miss labeled for her race (we were good rag mates... we promise!!) Had some awkward encounters on last night, but handled the situation with grace (as any Lil' Beyonce would do).
  • Olivia- Was super hipster. In love with the Buddah with a bong that was graffitied outside Cosmic's. Had strange encounters with her door. Had a rather close relationship with the cockroach killing brick, as most of the roaches were in her and Morgan's room. Amazing artist. Amazing imagination and story writing skills. Always fashionably late.
  • Elizabeth-The best twerker. Best choreographer. Fabulous. Had the most amazing clothes/ cross dressing closet for the boys. Supplied the all the makeup you could ever want. Inspired the somewhat wratchet sports bra- sweatpants trend. Had great accents. On the bus ride back from the talent show, pretty much corrupted Dev's second year boys.
  • Morgan- Had such a flowery vocabulary. “Did you order something because your package is here...” ;) Asked lucretia uncomfortable questions. Most likely to bring up stippers/ pole dancing. Made people laugh regardless of their mood. Had a love/hate relationship with Olivia. Could work magic with a straightening iron. Most likely to get trapped by a wall of boys in the hall. Obsessed with Lalin's family
  • Lakin- Best makeup. Most put together. Most likely to stumble upon a lamppost (jk. I actually mean a pole). TiP movie star in a wonderful Celluloid Visions film (repin the rag). In the most precious relationTiP ever!!!!! Capable of making everyone laugh with one single sentence.
  • Lalin-TRIPLET! Actually quadruplet. Morgan kinda morphed into one of the siblings. Most likely to endorse the harassment of her brothers. Taught rag how to say happy birthday in Turkish (of course our pronunciation was perfect). Most Turkish. Always had comebacks to Morgan's antics. Made crayon art when everybody else's looked like glittery poop.
  • Meg-Sweetest person ever!! Lent clothes to almost EVERYONE!!! was even nice enough to lend them out on quadfest, when everyone's dirtier and sweatier than usual. Knows the lyrics to almost every show tune known to the human race. Was somewhat corrupted at TiP, but has always been inherently awesome. A Les Mis fanatic!
  • Lucretia- Most likely to teach life lessons. Had interesting stories to tell about the bars at disney world. Inspired us to be both disney princesses and exotic dancers (to her dismay). Handled the rag's trashiness with as much class as anyone could have. Had advice on everything from boys to clothes to pinterest crafts. Defended her rag fiercely (we were the only female rag on the third floor). Pretty much the most amazing role model anyone could ask for. Fostered an out of control group of girls which can only be described as a sisterhood. Best RC ever.

… LSPD is an acronym that only the members of the rag truly understand. If one would like to know what the letters stand for that person should go to a certain sketchy mexican restaurant on 9th street, look at a certain sketchy wall with a bullet hole, a look for something that looks like a pact with twelve excellently penned signatures. It's also next to a sketchy dance studio which makes the whole thing all the more perfect.

The group of girls was one of the closest knit rags around, and those who plan on attending TiP East term I 2014 better watch out. The Beyonces will be back and struttin their stuff trashier than ever as fourth years.