Lucy de Lande Long

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Lucy De Lande Long was a first year third year at Duke East. She took Criminal Minds and idek who she was friends with tbh. She was passed down SM from Zoe Ganter who she became close with during breaks in Carr. On the last night, she met Mira Thakur, the next FMT and they didn't know it but it was the beginning of the best friendship in the entire world.

Her fourth year, she had a relationtip with Bryant Hill (a crazy boy she had been talking too for months). They were the cutest couple ever and enjoyed fun times in the Pegram conference room with Mira and Jacob and many others ;)- stupid no 2nd floor rules... She and Mira spent every possible moment together and were the best friends anyone has ever seen. She took Political Cultures and Countercultures and had the best time being SM ever. She will forever be remembered as an amazing Sexy Mama and a member of the slightly exclusive (oops) HOES groupchat.