Luke Unglo

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Luke “Lukey Ice” Unglo (December 26, 2004-) is a 14 year old boy from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a Tipster for two years, attending the Summer Studies program in 2018 and 2019, and he most recently took Architecture in the Urban Environment at Georgia Tech, for Term 2 of 2019 Summer Studies. Unglo was almost never tackled during his time at Georgia Tech, as he was frequently shielded by lineman Cooper Willis. He is also known for making clutch plays in ultimate frisbee games; during the ultimate frisbee game at his school’s field day, he caught 3 touchdown passes out of a team total of 9. Moreover, he directly scored all 8 of his team’s touchdowns during his Boy Scout troop’s ultimate frisbee tournament.

During Term 2 of Duke TiP at Davidson College in 2018, Unglo took the course That’s Debatable, and he captained his team to a runner up finish in the ultimate frisbee tournament. In addition, his rc group, led by the GOAT rc Connor Hughes, got runner up in the 2018 Davidson Tip-sync, with their performance of Beyonce Knowles’ “Single Ladies.” However, a vast majority of the Tipsters themselves recognized Connor H’s rc group as the winners, leading to most of the crowd chanting “Queen B for Victory” upon the announcement of the judges’ controversial decision to award the win to the Disney Song Mashup group. Furthermore, all of the former members of Connor H’s rc group have continued to recognize themselves as the true winners of the competition.

Unglo is also known by the nickname “California,” as this is a very large, lengthy, and especially thicc state.