M-Nasty's Dojo

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M-Nasty's Dojo UGA Term II 2011

''''Undoubtedly this was one of the best RC groups ever. At the end of the term everyone knew that these 12 tipsters and M-Nasty were the most awesome RC group.

         The members were

Mitchell Haverty (M-Nasty) The fearless leader of the pack who could dance better than anyone and was busy chinning people

William "Barbie" Beverley The ladies man

Alex Coopersmith The Mariners fan who always swallowed sadness (17 game losing streaks are tough)

Chuck Rosenbluth The best doughie dancer/rapper of all time

Alex Coughlin The republican jimmy Carter look alike

Henry Saussy Hot sauce

Marshall Dotson The guy who was in a new relationship every 10 minutes, and broke up with a girl in public. Some TIP girls still like him.

Jose Meza The non mexican Columbian, got lost all the time

Bryson White The person who always new what time it was "Bryson Time" had an awesome sombrero

Danny Zimmer The future overlord of the entire world and the best speechwriter and dance maker upper ever

Noah Allen The one who always had on a UGA hat and was a beast

Jones Jenkins Too busy not having fun at the dances

Jay Goocher Busy golfing with his dad

Indubitably, this was the greatest RC group of all time. We inexorably are the coolest, the greatest, and the funniest RC group around.