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In the very notable Theatre Arts class at Appalachian State, Term II only, of 2009, there was a very notable kid who was always tardy to class. Once, they had 17 of their 18 members lined up and ready to go to class. Their TA was becoming quite impatient. "Who's missing?!" said Laura. "MITCHELL!" the other, irate females shouted. Thence, it became that when Theatre Arts was leaving to go to the classrooms, regardless of Mitchell's presence, they would scream "MITCHELL!" to create awareness of their departure. This was quite effective, but, to some, quite aggravating.

Mitchell is also considered to be hands down the sexiest man alive, far surpassing that of Brad Pitt. Everyone knows that this is true.

being the one and only mitchell I feel honored by this page. Its true I am the sexiest man alive even surpassing Brad Pitt. All I can say is I regret my years spent having long hair as it was clearly not a good look for me. Anyone that comes back to this page never forget that TiP is love and TiP is life