Mac N Cheese Club

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The Mac N Cheese Club

The Mac N Cheese Club creator wishes to go by the name Dat Boi. The Mac N Cheese Club is a club designated as an alternate for breakfast, as this is the only optional meal. It is a group of people who meet in the third floor hallway from 8:00 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. to eat microwaved macaroni and cheese rather than go to breakfast. It was founded midway through the second week of Term 1 at Trinity University, 2016. It lasted only until halfway through the third week because of a shortage of Mac N Cheese, as the club had purchased all of the macaroni and cheese in the shop on campus, and they had eaten it all. The legend of the Mac N Cheese Club lives on, though. Some say as you stand at the end of the hallway on the third floor, you can still smell the cheese that they occasionally spilled (once) on the blessed brick walls. The original six founders may not have been able to continue the club because of the low supply, and they have been separated, but I hope that one day, a first year will find this page, and bring back the joy of the Mac N Cheese Club to he and his RC group, so that it may live on forever.