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Macado's (recently known by ASU TiPsters as "Macadon'ts") is a small-looking restaurant nestled along King St. in Boone, NC. However, don't let its tiny storefront fool you; the actual eating area runs deep into the heart of the building, with little corridors twisting off to the mini-arcade, bar, bathrooms, and kitchen. Once inside, you notice that Macado's is a very colorful place. All of the walls are adorned with old movie posters from the early years of cinematography, autographed objects of former stars, and any number of random things in-between. Oh, and there's a gorilla statue chilling out in the center of the whole place. If you get one of the middle booths on the higher level, make sure you don't face the front of the restaurant. Unless you want to get a nice view of the gorilla's bum. As for the food; it's greasy and there's lots of it, so any RC group that goes there stuffs their faces until they feel sick for ages afterwards. It's mostly a sandwich shop kind of place (seriously- they have like 50 different types of sandwiches), but they also have soups, salads, pastas, and quesadillas. For some reason, lots of people like the Diablo Quesadilla that they serve there. If you don't mind onions, try it; it's actually pretty good. The best part, though, is definitely the dessert selection. They have brownie sundays, huge cinnamon rolls, big ice cream cookie sandwiches, and other awesome stuff to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you don't eat anything else at Macado's, eat something from the desserts that they offer you. Oh, and I think they have cheesecake. If you can, try to write/carve your name on one of the tables or walls near the back left area of Macado's. You'll see at least 8 years of TiP (and regular college kid) history there, so try and leave your mark. Just don't get caught.

Just FYI, that's not college kid history. That's Watauga high and various middle grades history. No one above 9th grade would bother carving or writing their name in macados.