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Maddie/Megan Peronto is truly an icon, known mainly for her former lack of eyebrows and her part in the creation of the Basset Bros. She’s actually quite an awesome and kind person, once you get to know her.

Wake Forest 2016, Term 1

Maddie went to Wake Forest University for her first year at TiP and this was in fact the term of 2016 where all but like 4 of the RCs got fired. She took a class titled Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics where they basically did a lot of calculus. They also enjoyed watching an old tv show called Numb3rs. This was the campus where she first met one of her best friends Trinity. Neither of them really remembers how they first became friends but they just connected very randomly and have been amazing friends since. She also met the iconic Megan here and have since reunited at Duke East 2018. This also would have been where she met Brooke and Sam, but they sadly went to term 2.

Duke East 2017, Term 1

Maddie was in the class Spy 101, which is where she bonded with the OG Basset Bro Kiran, and created the dynamic duo we'd come to know and love. Her superlative was Most Likely to Get Injured Laughing due to her tendencies to fall down and break things (usually herself), and have laughing fits. Maddie was also in the legendary RAG Tay's Baes, which is where her love for Bruno Mars would truly shine. She was barely with the RAG, hanging out instead with her friends Trinity and Devak, which was why her superlative was Most Likely to Abandon Your RAGmates. Nevertheless, she was a complete icon that we all loved. Whether it was her ability to make anybody die laughing or bust a move dancing to That's What I Like, she was a huge babe.

Duke East 2018, Term 1

Maddie was in the class Where Great Minds and Big Money Meet. Her superlative again was related to getting hurt, as it is Most Likely to Get Injured. She had a bad case of smoker-voice due to a sore throat, and is suffering from another concussion (not big surprise). She lost her voice in the first week of camp and then stupidly decided to do the moon scream which made it even worse the next day and caused her to lose her voice for pretty much the rest of camp. Her friends back in Charlotte are still commenting about how different her voice sounds. Maddie got her concussion on the first full day at camp during evening activities when RC Nick hit her in the head with a soccer ball. It was completely unintentional and her and RC Nick are on good terms but she did end up in the ER that night. After this term Maddie has taken up frisbee and plans on actually playing next year.

Fun Facts

  • She was at Wake Forest when the legendary group of RC's were fired
  • Due to the magic of makeup, she finally has eyebrows!!!
  • TOTAL math nerd
  • has some of the best friends in the whole entire world so be jealous
  • loves her TiP family more than anyone else on the planet (no matter what Brooke tries to tell you)
  • can't live without her headphones
  • would love to FaceTime cause she's always bored
  • is undoubtedly control group (Sam King is the only one who thinks this and he is the one in the control group so of course he would think this false statement is true) (Actually Brooke Huffman also agrees with this statement)(actually Brooke and Sam are the ones in control group) (Um no Maddie if anyone is in control group it's you)(no u)
  • Always is concussed, whether she knows it or not. When Brooke brought this up to her she denied it, but ended up in the ER for a concussion later that night so you choose who to believe.


Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2016 1st Wake Forest I Mathematical Modeling and Applied Statistics Collins Krystal Rebecca
2017 2nd Duke East I Spy 101 Basset Taylor Ava
2018 3rd Duke East I Where great minds and big money meet Alspaugh Amber Shelby