Maddox A

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    I will start this by saying that Maddox A is and always will be the best Maddox. His class was Art and Tech (the best class) where he and John Dryden made an animation that couldnt be finished because Adobe is mean. Also, Tommy wouldn’t play Pokémon episode 1 “Pikachu, I choose you” and Maddox is deeply hurt by that. Maddox also started the Holy Church of Roblox (OOF OOF OOF) where he was Jesus, it was pretty great. His friends included, Micah’s RC group (he misses you all uwu), the people he sat with in his class; John, Andrei, and Asher, also Connor and Ryan. Maddox totally didn’t cry on the last night nope not at all. Also, he managed to eat 20 bananas in one day. During lunch one day, after losing a game of silent football, he had to ask a lunch lady to be his Roblox girlfriend (it didnt go well). He also started the Africa chant at the first dance.Finally, he has the best dog, not Arveen. Maddox is most likely forgetting things but oh well, if you want to add something you can. | || || |_