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Madeline's Cult, alternatively Madeline's Posse or The Cult of the Six, (the cult is sorta split on it) is a group of 3rd years in Game Theory that became good friends at Duke East 2016, Term 2. The group includes at least one relationTIP.
According to Madeline, she "was a 1st year 3rd year and knew literally no one, but by the second day, managed to have a group of guys that followed her around like lost puppies."


The cult is a bunch of losers with no life who huddle together for safety from loneliness. It was originally formed by over-analyzing stupid questions, and creating solutions to problems that don't really exist. No one is entirely sure what the true meaning of this movement is, but a few certain activities seem to be linked with them.

Gathering Locations

Tables and Booths

Generally, the cult will all eat at the same table during breakfast and lunch. This is a lot better than sitting on the floor.

Jeff's Room

A common meet up spot is around Jeff's room on the second floor of Basset. This includes cultists sitting right outside his door, or sometimes even going inside the room, despite *gasp* this being against the rules. In both scenarios, Jeffrey's roommate is quite salty about all of them and wishes they would just go somewhere else.

Madeline's Room

Another frequented spot is an alcove right outside Madeline's room on the third floor of Basset. Here some of the cultists feel a little out of place, being a flock of males on a floor for girls, but whatever, most of them don't mind too much. Madeleine's rag has noticed this phenomenon, and described it as "like a bunch of lost puppies following her around," which eventually lead to them referring to the group as "Madeline's Cult," hence the current name. Madeline's rag also has other comments on the cult, mainly things along the lines of shouting no canoodling whenever they see Jeffrey.

Game Theory Classroom

Located in Carr, the cultists meet up regularly in the classroom for Game Theory, since, y'know, that's their class, Here is where it all began, the birthplace of such a beautiful cult... The location of the classroom is subpar, being too far away from any Pokéstops or gyms, which are all the hype in the big new Pokémon GO fad, which all of the members, except Daniel, take part in. In this room, they do mystic spells known as "calculus" and "derivatives."

Cult Practices

You might be wondering what sort of arcane, and mysterious rituals are practiced by the cult, and what sorts of objects are subject to their worship. Well, the specifics are generally shrouded in mystery, but what little is known can be found here.

Mysterious Activities Inside Jeff's Room

For one, many of the members gather in Jeffrey's room. Here they do numerous cult practices. Jeff's roommate always comments on such shenanigans using very un-TIPpropiate language, but is likely just jealous that he isn't in the cult. Again, the true story of what happens is unsure, but best guesses suggest that what happens includes massive orgies, or chess.

Rubik's Cubing

Another facet of this peculiar cult is Rubik's cubes. They like to solve them. That's pretty strange for TiP right? Nobody does that here...

Anyways, Daniel, Brian, and Jeffrey knew how to solve the Rubik's cube before camp started. In fact, the Rubik's cube is why Brian and Jeffrey bonded at Georgia Tech 2015. Daniel was by far the best, knowing full PLL, using F2L, and having the best average time. Brian started knowing F2L and was second best, while Jeffrey used an easier, yet slower method.

During the term, Daniel taught Brian multiple PLL algorithms. Jeffrey learned F2L from Daniel and Brian, although he still isn't very experienced with it. Madeline knew how to solve the first two layers before TIP started and was taught by Jeffrey how to solve the top layer. Zach got a lot of hints from people, but he somehow developed his own algorithm for the second layer, which most people wouldn't consider until they learned F2L, and was given even larger hints to solve the top layer. Still, it's impressive to create your own algorithm which works well.

The Captain's Log

Without an official religious text, the Captain's Log is the closest thing. It's a melodramatic social commentary about society and how the world is a dreary place. It's basically as philosophical, self important, and over the top as possible. Being just randomly started as a pastime which one of the cultists wrote in his class journal while bored, but when the TA asked to see it and commented on its peculiarity the next day, it became more important for the group. Zach was the author of the journal, titled The Captain's Log, and wrote in it every day, using extremely strange and painful metaphors about life and giving each entry an interesting title, always involving the word drear. Brian was the unofficial reader of the aforementioned text, and slowly read each entry in a monotone voice whenever he remembered to do so. The other members of the cult sometimes listened as Brian read, and sometimes carried on with their conversation.

The Hat

One artifact which the cult seems to be focused about is the hat of Totes Pokieman. Despite it's name, it has nothing to do with Pokémon, being a hat the magnificent Homestuck, featuring an image of Dirk Strider's shades. However, since camp started a week or two after the release of Pokémon GO, almost all TiPsters have connected it to it either Ash Ketchum's cap, or Squirtle Squad. The members of the cult regularly swap who wears the hat, exchanging it between themselves and even to outsiders. Daniel hogs it a lot and does swaggity tricks with it, flipping not it a bunch. According to the original owner of the hat, he wants it to "spread around campus like herpes."

Commandments of the Hat

Rule 1: all who asketh to wear the Hat for their first time shall receiveth it without challenge.

Rule 2: when a person whom haveth no head wishes to use the Hat, there shalt not be discrimination, they will be given the Hat as any other would be.

Rule 3: if one who has head lice requesteth to use the Hat, they can be given a random item instead to wear upon their plagued scalp as a crappy stand-in, or they must at least take crappy protective measures, like donning a bootleg hair net

Rule 4: in the event that their is a dispute over who may wear the Hat, then a hat fight shall commence posthaste. (This playeth a pun upon the phrase "cat fight," hahah.) The victor shall have the hat bestowed upon him, and he may deny he loser from access of the hat for the following hour.

Rule 5: in the event of a hat fight, the parties must partake in a duel. (Likely a dance off) The event of the challenge shall be decided by the original hat owner, or in the lack of his presence, an agreed third party. They whom decideth the sport shall be the judge, and elect whom shall be the winner, if they see fit, they may be as biased they please, rigging the results.

Rule 6: punishment for losing the hat is death


Madeline D

1st year-1st year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
mom of the squad and is really salty about NEVER GETTING THROWN THE FRISBEE.

Zach "Pimp Daddy" Hunter

1st year-3rd year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
Known for his unparalleled prowess at ironically crappy dancing, he loves to "boogie woogie." You can always spot him at a dance, because he's typically the most flamboyant idiot around, likely failing his arms or something whilst forgetting to hydrate. During the slow dances, Zach has gotten numerous dance partners, ranging from his stuffed animals, to Isaac.

In addition to his status as a total 'playa,' Zach is also the Chess King Champion. Being the second best, in the state, in gosh darn kindergarten, he is clearly just on another level of chess skill. He goes around the halls and has challenged and "chessed up" many TIPsters, being virtually undefeated. He doesn't usually take the matches too seriously, throwing in lots of casual banter, tips, and comedic theatrics into his games.

Overall, he's a pretty chill guy, he doesn't care about too much, and just wants to have some fun. He's always happy to make a fool of himself for the entertainment of others.

Jeffrey H

1st year-3rd year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
Being very kind but a bit clueless at times, Jeffery is commonly referred to as 'special.' He is an apprentice of Zach's crazy dance skillz, being taught by him at Georga Tech Term 2 2015. He has shown many cultists how to solve "da dank rubik^3." Also is the otp of Zach Hunter with the most beautiful bromance the world has ever seen. Is in a relationTIP with Madeline. <3.

Has a program to do everything. Madeline asked him out using a program to impress him so he one up'ed her with a better program to ask her to the next dance. The program was way super legit.

Also the proud owner and developer of the "Supreme Utimate Jeff's Strat". It was made for the game of blackjack and has the simple rules of "hit until you have more points than Madeline. Even if you bust." Known to work... Kinda. He hit on high cards and even on Blackjacks and still somehow manages to get 21. The strat is totally mystic. Just like HIS POKEMON GO TEEEEEEEAAAAAMMMMM.

Daniel C

2nd year-3rd year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
The only cultist that has been to East for more than one year, and therefore obviously the most well-known and respected of the group. Known for his sweet hat tricks with the Pookermun Hat. He's also the fastest cube solver by far, with an average time less than any other cultists' fastest time.

Isaac H

1st year-3rd year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
Only cultist who can't solve the Rubik's cube. Is a scrub. Still a dance god like Zach.

Brian St. John

1st year-3rd year-3rd year at Duke East 2016
Brian constantly wears T-shirts that have to do with a fandom or that he finds otherwise funny. He avoids most social interaction, and when in conversation, he mostly listens and occasionally interjects a pun or an opinion. He often thinks a little too far outside of the box, which can result in really awkward moments. He is also a grammar nazi, even though he believes English is an inferior language, and has done a lot of editing on this page. He has some Rubik's cubing skills, being second only to Daniel. (Although Jeffrey disputedly claims his fastest time is better than Brian's, Brian has a better average because Jeffrey just learned F2L, and Jeffrey's probably just making up his best time anyways.)

Honorary Members


Yangqi knew most of the cult quite early, he shared the same class as Zach and Jeff the year before, was Jeff's roommate last year, and is Daniel's roommate this year. Madeline never really got to know him though, and challenges him being an honorary member, but most of he group supports his addition.

He is an avid chesser, able to go toe to toe with Zach in over the top theatrics, he has even been know to stand in as Zach's bishop a few times. Together they are a sight to see, each building off one another escalating in ridiculous, convoluted absurdity and subpar comebacks.

Other than "making chess," Yangqi typically contributes philosophical sounding revelations which are actually meaningless and stupid, this likely was an inspiration for The Captain's Log.

Jason "Your Mom" Wan

Being an avid cuber and prolific user of stupid your mom jokes, Jason fit in quite well with the cult. Two years before the cult, Jason was in Zach's RC group,