Madeline's Moons

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Madeline's rag had 12 second year girls. It happened at Davidson during term 2, 2016. The RC was Madeline Woods.


  • Sydney (Architecture)
  • Idil (The Brain)
  • Annika (Math Problem Solving)
  • Hannah (Psychology)
  • Alexis (Modern Law)
  • Mariana (Math Problem Solving)
  • Charlotte (Spoken Word)
  • Cecilia (Psychology)
  • Gabby (Modern Medicine)
  • Isabel (Shakespeare)
  • Elaine (DNA)
  • Ashley (Modern Law)

Inside Jokes

  • Back in Africa
  • How Elaine ruined Alexis's childhood
  • The buffalo joke

(Note: If you were in Madeline's rag and know more jokes add them)

Relation tips

  • Elaine/Anshul
  • Gabby/Trace
  • Gabby/Soham


  • The group performed I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan at tipsync.
  • They won best costume at tipsync.
  • The words back in Africa ended up being banned by Madeline.
  • The group had one hospital visit.
  • They were on Green team for summer fest (Go Broccoli!)
  • The group's sister rag was Mary's Sun shines.
  • There theme was moon's.
  • They had a ~special~ bond with Tyler's RC goup, as both groups were the oldest kids that term... AND Elaine wanted more excuses to hang out with Anshul ;)