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The person formally known as Madeline Ryan Welsh is amazing and probably the coolest person ever born. Although many do not know of her secret life as Maddie Ryan-Xavior Welsh, she will be the future ruler of South Dakota(Fail State).

Tip history

She has attended Tip since 2007 when she attended first term ASU. She soon learned the error of her ways and began going to term two. She started at ASU, then moved to UGA for her last two years (due to ASU being limited to 1st and 2nd years only).

Year TIPyear Campus Term Dorm
2007 1st ASU I Cone
2008 2nd ASU II Hoey
2009 3rd UGA II Rutherford
2010 4th UGA II Myers

Key Points

  • She has had many friends throughout Tip, her best ones being: "Pink" Tori Lloyd, Michael Thomson, and Helen Colliton. She has one friend that has attended Tip with her all four years: Brian "Brain" Taylor ([1]).
  • Maddie is the proud mother of Asparagus(the penguin) and the current caretaker of Tori's green hippo named Tubby. The two animals happen to be lovers.
  • Maddie also possesses several signs taken from each year and campus along with a fork from Snelling, IHOP, and Bolton and hot sauce from Snelling and Summit.
  • Her second year she succeeded in getting a large portion of the students and staff to take on the name Emily. The number of Emily's climbed over 150, but the exact number isn't known.
  • She is best known for her witty sense of humor, which generally involves various references and lots of sarcasm.
  • In conclusion Maddie is a baller and will always be remembered by Tipsters past and present for her insane coolness.
  • Maddie's best friend in the whole wide world is Tori "Pink Tori" Lloyd.