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Maegan was the RC for the 7 fourth year girls during term 2 at Rice 2019. She had to put up with a lot more than she was getting paid for, so she deserves applause (and a raise). Also, her conditional love is truly the most sought after prize at TiP. Some notable quotes:

  • "y'all."
  • "We're not gonna unpack that here."
  • "U...Uh...Uh--"
  • "Haha nope."
  • "SOFIA!"
  • " The button machine is broken, so I don't know what to tell y'all."
  • "-Anyways..."
  • "Put your phone away at dinner. Y'all forget I was 16 once."
  • [refusing to say "I love you" back]

RC Group members:

  • Emily
  • Audrey
  • Sofia
  • Chloe
  • Serena
  • Christina
  • Ashlynn