Maggie Snyder

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"I go hard in da muhfuckin paint neighbor

Leave you stankin neighbor

What da fuck you thinkin neighbor

I won't die fo this shit or what da fuck I say

Cicle quad broad day with da sk

See Alie that's my muhfuckin neighbor

I hang in da pcult with them hit squad killas

Maggie Snyder one hood ass neighbor

Riding real slow in the corners in my neighbor"

-Maggie Snyder, 2015, when asked about the sanctity of marriage

"Maggie Syndeeeeeer!

I keep them bad bitches yelling it

Thugged out rich as hell plus I'm throwing dick

Drunk as shit, everywhere I go I'm yellin PCULT monopoly loud as shit

Throwing money in the air fuck it I don't care

50 for the earrings that's 100 for a pair

Versace on my ass 2 bands for my underwear

Foreign cars foreign broads baller of the year

Sparkles on my champagne independence day

I ain't really want yo number yo friend look better anyway"

-Maggie Synder, 2004, upon learning that her hate club "down with the dankest bitch in the world" was mysteriously shot up by the Catholic Mafia

"For my theme song, my leather black jeans on

My by any means on, pardon I'm getting my scream on

Enter the pcult but watch who you bring home

They see a Maggie with a Alie at the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong

Charleston packed in, came to see me in my white skin

Number one question they asking, why you the dankest bitch

If I don't get ran out by ADFers, here come some young writers

Claiming I'm overreacting like them cool kids in rev and t bitch"

-Maggie Synder, 2020, when told that her good friend and american president, Alie Akins, had passed away due to trying to wrestle a crocodile