Mak 'n cheese

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Mak 'N Cheese

The most amazing, wonderful, spectacular, and fabulous RC group at New College of Florida, Term 2. The masters of Harry Potter jokes and/or trivia. Let the talent show performance of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" be memorialized here forever! Also supreme masters of "Party Guests!!!" You know who isn't the supreme master of "Party Guests?" Voldemort, 'cause he's dead!


  • Valentina (Valdemort)
  • Kira (Kirkaroff)
  • Emily (Emo Chang)
  • Catherine (Catheron Noweasly)
  • Rachel (Drachel Malfoy)
  • Calder (Caldric Diggory)
  • Sophie (Sopherus Snape)
  • Elizabeth (Lizzie Lovegood)

The RC of Mak 'n Cheese was, of course, Mak, the best RC ever, who did an excellent job of putting up with the craziness (and Harry-Potter-ness) of her RC group. Our honorary member was Jacqueline, known mainly as Jackie, who basically lived in our common room. She is awesome. (So are the rest of us. (Duh.))