Make out!

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This was a phrase that came about in Duke East Term II 2010. For whatever reason, some TIPsters decided that it would be a good way to mess with the poor (not poor, they destroyed Daag's salt and pepper shaker tower all those years ago) Young Writers, and so it was shouted to them whenever they would come into range. During one of which shout-fests, a DYWC counselor angrily yelled back, "Stop harassing my kids!". This cinched the catchphrase into pretty much the unofficial catchphrase/motto for the duration of the term. The nature of it became just something to shout randomly to people, often RCs and random passerby, or to other TIPsters as a way of saying "Yeah! Get it on!" (which included either literally doing so or just being an inspiring statement). At the last dance, Alli ran up to the microphone and screamed it at all the tipsters right as a slow dance song began to play. It was perfect timing.