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Makeshift D&D is a Rice university tradition created by the then third year Ben Morales-Knight (AKA Macklemore) where at every dance in the board game room there will be a game of Dungeons and Dragons played with a random assortment of dice and peices from various games.

RULES: Makeshift D&D follows all basic rules of 5th edition D&D, with slight modifications depending on player/ Dungeon Master Experience and/or the resources available to play with. The DM Fudging rolls is far more accepted in this enviorment than in other D&D games, due to the usual lack of experience by the players and the time constrictions.

CHARACTER SHEET: Chracter sheets can be substituted with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Apples to Apples Cards, or the character cards from Shadows of Camelot. These, of course, do not function in place of concrete stats, abilities, mods and the like, but rather give the DM a general idea of what weapons, abilities and mods a player would have. Sometimes abilities are determined by cards from the game "Cranium", with cloodle being the most infamous, allowing the player to have a whole nother action.

BOARD: The board traditionally used is the board from the game "Locale" as it has a graph on it, but depending on the level of theater of the mind the DM is willing to do then almost any board can be used

CHARACTER PEICES: Character peices are traditionally cars from the game "Life" with 6 passengers, each passenger representing 2 health points. However, a DM can choose to keep track of health themselves and simply have the passengers for show. Another, less popular character peice option are the knights from "Shadows of Camelot".

DICE: Makshift D&D uses all the traditional types of dice used in normal D&D (4 sided, 6 sided, 8 sided, 12 sided, 20 sided). However, should there not be a certain type of die, the DM can either male due wit another type, roll a smaller die multiple times, or use an online RNG if its phone hours (or an rc is not looking)

Primordial soup- One tradition is that, regardless of what you are using for character sheets, one player's character will be Primordial soup, a card from Yu-Gi-Oh. The soup will usually also play some kind of major role in the story campaign the DM decides to do