Male Sexual Vitality Tonic

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Passion drops' more functional counterpart, Male Sexual Vitality Tonic is sold at Whole Foods for around 15 bucks a bottle. It should be noted that this stuff is said to be rather potent. According to , someone drank about half the bottle one year, and was *ahem* noticeably aroused for something like 4 hours. (To make things worse, one version of the story puts this on Wear a Skirt Wednesday.)More experimentation with the substance before a dance Termm II 2006 revealed little to no results over a larger control group. So yeah, be careful with this, kiddies. It's also like 50% alcohol. According to rumors, the original plan for a 4th year prank during East Term I '07 was to spike the slushies in the cafeteria with the MSVT, but this was apparently never carried out.